Beginning Again: 001 – 20 July 2018

Things are different. Much different.


The van’s back at my parent’s place after driving from California to Michigan. I’m parked in the back-field near the tree line, mom mowed the grass, so I could park the van and build a fire pit.  I haven’t dug the pit nor made the area “a home” yet because I arrived early Wednesday, and today I watched the kids in the morning and went to the fair with my sister and them in the afternoon. Grandpa had open heart surgery this morning.

Kamala drove 3,747 miles

CA to MI

I feel a little bad because I told my sister how much I didn’t like driving the van on the Michigan roads during the night, and she hit one coming home from the event she took my nephew to this evening. She asked me if I wanted to take him and I declined.

I’m excited for change and grateful for the time with family, before my bike ride in a few months. It is a challenge though. I’m used to living in a van out in my own little world in the Bay Area, where my girlfriend lived with me four nights out of the week, and we kind of did our own thing. I’m used to plenty of space, if nothing less than head-space. I’m almost ashamed to mention the difficulty I’m having with the over-stimulation, but with all the noises and calls for attention from family and loved ones I become torn in a bunch of directions, struggling to think and acting absently. I desire to love and live presently.

The van handled incredibly well for being 20 years old while carrying a home and two passengers over mountains, around some bends, across the plains, and through hot conditions. I dropped my girlfriend, MO, off at the airport in Nashville and continued home from there. Along the way I stopped to visit a friend before spending a night in Russel Springs, Kentucky with my older brother, Mukwa and his lovely lady, Firefly. We shared long conversions that invigorated my soul yet tired my brain.

I’m not leaving for my bike tour until the middle of September, so I’ve got a few months here in Michigan. I’ll be riding my bike and teaching myself how to work on it for the time being. I’ll also be working on articles and social media content for Nice Guys Delivery, a cannabis delivery service operating out of Marin County, California. I am the social media manager as well as blogger. I feel really grateful to have created this position because it’s allowing me the opportunity to work from anywhere I have service and am able to perform my duties. Thank you, Nice Guys.

In August I’ll be standing in a friend’s wedding, so I’ve got a bachelor party coming soon. I also want to do some coaching – I miss wrestling and want to help my nephew as much as possible while I’m home. It’s hard to believe how big he is. He is now a little man, time flies while away and thats what scares me most about traveling.

I already miss my girlfriend. She’s back in Marin working, so this is the beginning of our new “long distance” relationship. It was fun driving across the country with her but when I dropped her off it proved to be much more difficult than I imagined. Living in the van together for nearly a year was quite an experience, and it’s something I’ll forever be glad we did. We managed to live in a van together in Marin County, CA which is one of the wealthiest counties in the country. It’s a beautiful place with Mt. Tamalpais and the ocean to dissolve any stress that might arise from the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area. 

I’m excited to share my journey here with you. This page is dedicated to crafting a simple, sustainable, and adventurous lifestyle. It’s my way of working through challenges of being a Modern Day Maverick. I believe the best way to grow is through experience, and secondly to experience, I’ve found I learn best through sharing raw, genuine perspective. Welcome to my path.



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