Focus on riding and writing – 29 August 2018

Writers block

I’ll be honest it’s pretty difficult to write words directed toward Modern Day Mavericks stuff. I did a good job prior to leaving Michigan in the van 2 years ago, but once I got to California and started living in the van full time I lost my ability to write about my experiences. It’s a form of resistance for sure.

I’ve been in Michigan for nearly 2 months and I just spent the last week with my girlfriend, meeting her family and friends, while also introducing her to mine. I stood in a friend’s wedding this past weekend, which was the original reason for my return to Michigan in the first place. I planned to come home for the wedding and begin my cross-country bike tour.

So here we are: the wedding is over, and my girlfriend is back in California. I’m a master procrastinator but it’s time to get focused and prepare for this bike ride. I have most of my bike gear purchased, but I still need to buy a rain jacket, and clothes. I’m not in the best shape so I’m relying on my ability to adapt for this one. My riding partner has quite a bit of touring experience so I’m excited to learn as much as I can from him, just let’s hope I don’t slow us down too much.

I’m really enjoying my position as a cannabis writer for Nice Guys Delivery. They’re providing me with an incredible opportunity to have a location-independent job title while fulfilling my curiosities to travel. My goal in the upcoming weeks is to hammer out a few articles in advance, so that I can concentrate more fully on riding and engaging with people on social media, as that’s the other half of my job, working as social media manager.


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