I’m FINALLY in Colorado! Thank you, canna-gods!

The Maverick Way


Written by Dan Osterman

I made it into Colorado yesterday! Kansas was long, brutal and rewarding! I’m glad to be out of Kansas, but even more glad I’m able to claim I rode my bicycle across it going from East to West.


Last night I found an RV park in Burlington, Colorado where the owners allowed me to stay for free. When asked how much they charged for a night they said $15 but that there were no restrooms, so I countered with a $5 request and they actually allowed me to stay for free. It’s good to ask for things, otherwise I would have paid $15.



I woke up at 4am to a sprinkler going off beneath me. I accidentally set up my tent directly over a sprinkler head, which is one reason it isn’t good to set up a tent in the dark. I’m glad I had my footprint for the tent because it did a good job keeping any water from getting directly into my tent and soaking me. I did however wake up sweating and soaking wet from going to bed wearing my smart wool long sleeve shirt.



This morning I woke up and stumbled across a wonderful coffee shop called “the blend.” The owner was a Thai lady who had a lot of wonderful stories about traveling and was another coffee lover much like myself. The café is new and is owned by her and her husband. I ordered an espresso, a coffee, and then she introduced me to an “iced Thai coffee,” which was insanely delicious. Needless-to-say, I’m overly caffeinated right about now. Coffee is my second favorite drug behind cannabis.



Speaking of cannabis, I feel a sigh of relief now that I’m in Colorado and out of the prohibition states! One reason I’m doing this bicycle ride is to end cannabis stigma through promoting an active way to explore cannabis! Stigma, regardless of the domain is negative and detrimental to whatever it latches onto. I’ve worked for a cannabis company for 2 years now and my perception of the plant has changed dramatically. I’ve done extensive research into the war on drugs and how prohibition began. It’s quite sad actually, it has no scientific backing.



Cannabis for me has been a catalyst for change. It has helped me get out of my head and look at events and situations much more objectively, even realizing there was another world outside of wrestling I could explore. In many ways cannabis is what led to my adventurous lifestyle. There are times it becomes an inhibiting force in my life, but that’s only when I overly consume it and that can come with anything in life. Overall, I’m a huge advocate of legalization and I look forward to the day its easily accessible regardless of your location or social status. In Marin I was a delivery driver, so I’ve witnessed the people who use it medically. I personally just like to get “high.” I’m not ashamed to admit that I love blasting off to higher levels of perception and I don’t believe there is anything wrong with it.


I’m less than 200 miles away from Denver. My flight to Marin is Oct.9th, I have another week of riding before I get to fly back to California for a week’s break off my bicycle. I’m really looking forward to it as I miss my girlfriend tremendously, I miss being around the cannabis industry, and I miss the ocean and Mountains.

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