Made it to Denver

The Maverick Way


Written by Dan Osterman

I arrived in Denver this afternoon! It feels like an accomplishment. I’ve been on the road 19 days exactly. I biked around 1000 miles plus or minus a few. I had help along the way from a couple individuals, without their help I might not be here today.

The first few weeks on the road were tough. The first week wasn’t so bad, but the following week and a half was a true struggle. I questioned myself, my goals, and my path. I convinced myself I wasn’t going to ride my bicycle any further than California. The wind and hills riding through Kansas felt like it was never going to end. Prior to this bike ride I only briefly thought about wind being a factor, now I think it’s one of the more difficult facets of the experience. There was one night in Eastern Colorado where I had to hold my tent up with my hand while the wind and rain poured down from the sky, reminding me of life’s first mother; earth. We can convince ourselves we are safe in the ways we wall our lives in, but ultimately if nature has a message, we’re going to receive it. Riding my bicycle and living close to the source of our humanness reminds me of my fragility amongst the great void.  

The same night my tent was caving-in I sat inside it’s flapping walls and purchased a ticket to Barcelona, Spain. I finally feel like I’m finding my way. I’m accepting of the pain I’m feeling because in the end it has an end; this ride will come and go, and I’ll be living a different way and wishing I were back on the bicycle. I believe the right thing for me to do right now is ride the wave I’m currently on. My friend Blind Bobby invited me into the “pain cave” this morning in one of his texts. It made me laugh because its loaded with truth. My excitement runs deep because I’m sitting in Denver and I have over a week off to rest.

I fly to California on the 9th and return on the 15th. The next few days I intend on exploring the city. I booked a room in a hostel in downtown, so I’m hoping to meet some other travelers later today. I am also looking forward to riding out of Denver with a friend. My buddy Nick will be joining me after I get back from California. Our plan is to make it to Marin County by Thanksgiving and then fly to Barcelona to do some international touring.

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