Day 1 – Erratic | 25 Feb. 19

Day 1 – Erratic | 25 FEB 19

The page is blank but the words are plenty. I’m a writer who doesn’t write. I’ve lived in my head for far too long. I lived in a van for two years and then biked halfway across the country. I now work in the legal cannabis industry as a Marketing and Social Media Manager for a Medical Cannabis Delivery service in Marin County, CA and it’s time to develop myself as a writer. I have stories I’d like to share so I’m taking the creative leap to make it happen. The only way out of this tongue twisted state is to go through it. Even if it doesn’t make sense for a minute. I need to find my voice again.


If you’re reading this I applaud you. I’m not sure how you found my website or words, but here you both are, and I appreciate you.


This is Day 1 of a One Year Writing Challenge with myself to post a daily blog on my website. By the way, I created the challenge while writing the last sentence so that could tell you something me. And its probably one reason my girlfriend and I are no longer together.  I can’t say I blame her or anyone trying to share a life with me; I’m erratic.


Erratic. Here today but there tomorrow. Emotionally charged but nothing special. I’m just another, joe. A face in your dreams providing background content but largely unseen.


My Dad believes in a Flat Earth. Erratic disposition.

I once tried to find myself and then realized I had no foundation to stand upon. When I was a child I believed in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. That shit was real for me. It provided me a foundation and way of thinking when faced with a problem. It gave me a lens to view the world but as I aged and continued to seek, I grew angry toward religion and Christianity. But this is a topic for another day. That’s all I’m sharing today.

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